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New in the collection : Single board educational microcomputer trainer EMK-11A
on 2013/5/19 13:50:00

The single board educational microcomputer trainer was developed in the "Computing department" and produced in the "training and production activities" of the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering "V. I. Lenin" - Sofia. The microcomputer is intended to be used mainly as an aid in educating students. It is designed around the microprocessor family SM600 and all of the components are accessible for conducting tests and experiments. Interface connector with all address and input/output highways allows the expansion of the configuration.

The main use of microcomputer in the learning process is in familiarizing students with:

  • general principles in design of microprocessor systems;

  • the use of computers for process control;

  • architecture and programming of microprocessor family SM600.

The main technical features of the computer are:

  • CPU SM601 (6800);

  • 1Kb of RAM;

  • 2Kb or 4Kb of ROM;

  • integrated digital modem for use with cassette recorder;

  • interface connector;

  • power supply: +5 (I < 1A);

  • dimensions 260 x 190 x 50 mm

  • weight 0.4 kg.

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