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New in the collection : ISOT 1031C - Programmers Manual
  on 2013/7/2 18:00:00

'Programmers manual' is part of the ISOT 1031S documentation. The volume contains the following parts:

  • operational documents;

  • passport;

  • programmers manual.

Programmers manual describes: Assembler for K580IK80 (i8080); Assembler for U880D (Z80) and BASIC-80.

New in the collection : NET 8D - network card for Pravetz 8D
on 2013/7/1 13:50:00

Some time ago I stumbled upon an interesting add-on for Pravetz 8D - NET 8D network card. Unfortunately there was no software and manual with the card and someone took the EPROM.
If you have informatioon about this card please contact us.

New in the collection : Single board educational microcomputer trainer EMK-11A
  on 2013/5/19 13:50:00

The single board educational microcomputer trainer was developed in the "Computing department" and produced in the "training and production activities" of the Higher Institute of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering "V. I. Lenin" - Sofia. The microcomputer is intended to be used mainly as an aid in educating students. It is designed around the microprocessor family SM600 and all of the components are accessible for conducting tests and experiments. Interface connector with all address and input/output highways allows the expansion of the configuration.

The main use of microcomputer in the learning process is in familiarizing students with:

  • general principles in design of microprocessor systems;

  • the use of computers for process control;

  • architecture and programming of microprocessor family SM600.

New in the collection : 'BRIZ 30' tablet
  on 2013/1/9 4:35:01

The 'BRIZ 30' tablet was manufactured in Device-manufacturing Factory - Petrich and is new addition to our collection. It is used to digitize graphical information such as charts and drawings into the computer and control CAD software.
The tablet has working area of 270mm. X 270mm., low resolution of 0,1mm. and high resolution of 0,025mm. The computer connection is standard RS232C interface.

New in the collection : ISOT A505E 5.25" Controll diskette
  on 2012/9/13 8:10:00

The ISOT A505E 5.25" control diskette is used to adjust some parameters of the 5.25" floppy disk drives ISOT 5050 (ES 5088) or any other compatible floppy disk drives. It is used to perform radial adjustment of the read head and tangential adjustment of the index detector.

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