FDC 3.2 - Floppy disc controller for Pravetz 8D

Date 2014/4/29 15:00:00 | Topic: New in the collection

Interesting addition to my collection is a floppy disk controller "FDC 3.2" for Pravetz 8D. The controller is capable of:

  • controlling one or two DISK ][ compatible drives;
  • accessing the extra 16KB RAM of Pravetz 8D;
  • and has an option to add external "RESET" button.
It is compatible with RAM DOS 2.31 and programs, recorded on cassette tape. The controller is designed by Boian Mitov and is manufactured in 1993. Around 250 to 300 units were made during the 3 year production.

Pravetz 8D is the first bulgarian home computer. The first test units were produced in 1985, but because of problems with the keyboard the production started in 1986. The computer is a clone of Oric and his price was 420 leva. Because of the lack of compatability with other computers from the Pravetz 8 family small number of available programs and no floppy disk drive, the computer was not received well by the market.

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