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New in the collection : Multi-user system ES 9003 - ISOTIMPEX leaflet
on 2018/4/5 13:10:00

For our collection, in addition to the hardware, software and manuals, sometimes we are very happy to acquire original advertising materials - leaflets, brochures and catalogs. Distributed at technical fairs and specialized exhibitions as well as by trade organizations and overseas branches, these materials give us information about the technical specifications of the manufactured computers, peripherals and systems and their software.

Resently we added to our collection a german language ISOTIMPEX leaflet for ES 9003 Multi-user system.

The basic configuration of the ES 9003 multi-user system consists of:

  • ISOT 310 Minicomputer (DEC PDP 8/L compatible) with 32K 12-bit words RAM;

  • ISOT 0232 input-output device with 30 character/second printing speed;

  • ISOT 5003 9-track tape drive unit 800BPI;

  • ISOT 5400.01 6Mb hard disk drive with one removable pack and one built-in disk plate;

  • DZM 180 high-speed printer 180 characters/second;

  • From 4 to 16 terminals with KONSUL 258/9 keyboards and VKP 17 videomonitors.

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