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New in the collection : Floppy disk drive ISOT 5071E / ES 5074 Technical Description and Table of Signals
  on 2018/7/8 16:00:00

As part of the documentation for Bulgarian 8 inch floppy disk drive model ISOT 5071E / ES 5074 we add C13.060.216 TO (Technical Description) and C13.060.216 TS (Table of Signals).

New in the collection : Floppy disk drive ISOT 5071E / ES 5074 Form
  on 2018/6/17 4:30:00

Some time ago we added a big lot of 'ISOT' archive documentation to our collection. We will scan and make it available on the web site.

New in the collection : Institute for Microprocessor Instruments and Systems
  on 2018/4/8 16:30:00

Recently we acquired a brochure of Institute for Microprocessor Instruments and Systems in russian and english language, printed in 1500 units by Bulgarreklama.

New in the collection : Multi-user system ES 9003 - ISOTIMPEX leaflet
  on 2018/4/5 13:10:00

For our collection, in addition to the hardware, software and manuals, sometimes we are very happy to acquire original advertising materials - leaflets, brochures and catalogs. Distributed at technical fairs and specialized exhibitions as well as by trade organizations and overseas branches, these materials give us information about the technical specifications of the manufactured computers, peripherals and systems and their software.

Resently we added to our collection a german language ISOTIMPEX leaflet for ES 9003 Multi-user system.

New in the collection : FDC 3.2 - Floppy disc controller for Pravetz 8D
  on 2014/4/29 15:00:00

Interesting addition to my collection is a floppy disk controller "FDC 3.2" for Pravetz 8D. The controller is capable of:

  • controlling one or two DISK ][ compatible drives;
  • accessing the extra 16KB RAM of Pravetz 8D;
  • and has an option to add external "RESET" button.
It is compatible with RAM DOS 2.31 and programs, recorded on cassette tape. The controller is designed by Boian Mitov and is manufactured in 1993. Around 250 to 300 units were made during the 3 year production.

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